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totally gay
ya, blogger sucks.
i'm back at elgay.

the time for change has come.
this blog no longer serves its intended purpose.
goodbye livejournal.


a new blog?

i was thinking about switching to blogger, but i cant make up my mind. blogger is more open source, but i cant control the security on individual entries. either the WHOLE blog is private or its all public. plus, this blog contains SO much. but, when i go back and read about being preggo and tegans birth and that whol mess, it makes me sick. this blog was intended to be a TEGAN blog. what its like to be a mom, tegan milestone etc, but its kinda fallen away from its original purpose. OR, maybe i can keep this a tegan blog, go back to its purpose, and use blogger for my own personal blog, things outside of being a mom and tegan.

i dunno…

to whom it may concern
after recent events & watching an 18 year old young man be buried in the ground, i relized life is too fucking short. its too short to mad at your children, siblings, parents, spouce/girlfriend/boyfriend, to be judgemental, quick to judge, not give someone a chance & not to attaempt to make a friend out of the people you encounter everyday.

lifes too short to mad at your friends for stupid shit that doesnt matter, to hold grudges, & to not love completely. lifes to short, youre not promised tomorrow.

i took something away from jonos funeral. that you never know when this moment could be your last and to give everyone the oppertunity to love you, either as a friend or more.

so call someone, forgive someone, hug someone, make a new friend, love completely. if not for me, do it in memory of jono.

i love you jono, your death was not in vain.

[originally posted on m.space]


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